Marian Wiacek passed away on February 16, 2017. He is greatly missed.
​Marian was born February 2, 1930 in the small town of Korzec in the province of Wolyn, which was part of pre-war Poland but now belongs to the Ukraine. Exactly one week after his 10th birthday, in the middle of the night, the NKVD (Soviet Secret Police) ordered Marian, his mother, younger brother and sister to get dressed and head out into the freezing night. Thus began Marian's frightening seven year journey of survival.

This book will be of interest to a wide spectrum of readers internationally, including individuals of Polish heritage, scholars of World War Two, and fans of true-life stories of adventure and adversity.

Window to Freedom:

A Journey of survival


 survival and triumph amid the chaos of war. The
book offers a first-hand account of the experience of a boy (Marian Wiacek) and his family caught in the deportation of Polish people after the Soviet Union invaded Poland during World War Two.

About the author

The book, told from an adult perspective, documents the story of a boy who used his intelligence, resourcefulness and determination to help not only himself but his younger siblings as well as his mother, survive conditions of starvation and terror while on a journey that lasted seven years. A series of rare photographs augment the book’s rich historical detail and authentic storyline.